In December of the year 2000, an unknown male broke into a suburban Tokyo home and ruthlessly slaughtered an entire unsuspecting family. Then he made himself at home. He stayed the night. He got some ice-cream from the freezer and made a warm cup of tea.  He used their computer, changed out of his clothes, and slipped into those owned by one of his victims. Then he stepped out and seemingly vanished in broad daylight.


The brutal killer dubbed The Faceless Man left thousands of pieces of evidence in the house, including his clothes, the murder weapon, his DNA, and even his excrement. And we are no closer to knowing his identity, understanding a motive, and there’s no sign of the case being closed.


In this ground-breaking new podcast series FACELESS from USG Audio, follow along as host Nicolás Obregón goes on a deep-dive into this unsolved cold-blooded case to unravel a paradox and take you through multiple theories. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.